2nd Annual Agon for Aphrodite

My 2nd anniversary is fast approaching, so that means another agon for Aphrodite! Submissions are due by October 24th and winners will be announce October 31st. Our anniversary is October 19th :)   You can submit any work of art, this includes essays, poetry, visual art, music, choreographed dance, or costume pieces.

The contest rules are as follows

1) All works must be ORIGINAL works of your own. Plagiarism is STRICTLY prohibited. You may not submit works of art, poetry, or essays that have been entered into any other contest, anthology, or any published-for-sale work of art or literature.

2) By submitting a work you consent to it being posted on this blog

3) You are not required to be a devotee of Aphrodite to participate, however submissions from people  may be rejected at my discretion on the following grounds A) They hold sentiments that are actively hostile to polytheism and/or B) They hold sentiments which vilify the Gods or worship thereof

4) Two winners will be chosen, one winner will be chosen by myself and the second will be chosen via divination

5) Prizes will be announced to the winners and the winners alone, however the value of said prizes will be between 20-25 dollars.

6) By making a submission you are agreeing upon your honor and word that in the event of winning you will honor Aphrodite with (at minimum) a libation in a timely and respectful manner


1) I will be impartial, judging things not on my relationship to the person but rather on the quality of the work

2) I will not denigrate or refuse to post a work unless it represents a vilification or otherwise antagonistic viewpoint towards the Goddess Aphrodite

3) I will cite all works appropriately and link back to their blog if possible

4) I will not penalize those who present interpretations of Aphrodite which are different from my own

Lets start the second agon!

You can send your submissions to captainspellingerror@gmail.com


I watched the sunrise with a cup of coffee in my hand, no one was up yet.

For the first time in what feels like forever it fell away

I sat, listening to the sounds of the early morning, Autumn tepidly making her way into the air. The sky was grey and blue. I tried taking a photo but I couldn’t get it to come out right and wondered why I felt such a need to share the image anyway because really. . .I didn’t. I don’t think most others would care when I eagerly say “look at this picture” and it is just a sky and some clouds. But there is life in this clouds and as the greyish-blue sky began to become bright and clear there was hope on the light. They’d look at me like I was crazy or silly or easily impressed.

Or maybe they wouldn’t. Maybe they’d understand what it feels like to wake up every god damn morning with a heaviness in your heart. Maybe they know what it is like to fight with yourself every day to get just out your front door. Maybe they know what it is like to mentally tear yourself down every hour of the day for every mistake you’ve ever made.

Maybe they know what it is like to finally wake up one morning and just be able to enjoy watching the clouds as the sun rises and relish it. Because you don’t know if this is a blip of light in the long night or a sign of getting better but you know it is fucking wonderful to say “this is nice” and actually mean it.

And it was. It really was.

Breathtakingly Delighted

Polytheist.com is finally live and launched!

My article is up here

And here are the other launch articles

Shines within Darkness by Michael Eldritch

Leaving Monotheism Behind by Niki Whiting

Life, Death, Now by Aine Llewellyn

Zep-Tepi by Rev.Tamara L Siuda

The New World by Julian Betowski

The Gargarean by Markos Gage

Polytheism and Metaphysics by Edward Butler

I am one with my Ancestors by Grant Guindon

Speaking of Syncretism by PSVL

This is unfathomably exciting to me. I’m amazed, breathtakingly delighted that this is happening and pleased as a pot-bellied possum to be part of such an amazing team of writers.

It seems to be becoming a motto, it is a damn good time to be a polytheist.



If I see you supporting or defending Christian Day you are getting cut out of my scene. He is a horrid man who said horrid things. 

That’s all I’m saying on it. 

If you want more info, Galina Krasskova lays it on the line better than I can. She, unlike myself, can channel her anger into something coherent. 



No Easy Days [Poetry]

There are no easy days for me. 

I wake up with absence 
I go to bed with absence
I wake up tired
I go to bed tired

There are no easy days for me

Because I struggle to make myself get out the door
And dread waking up in the morning
Because the cycle must go on and on
I have work to do, don’t I?

It all becomes like mud that I slog through
Progress is hard, slow, tiring
I cannot remember lying my head on the pillow and feeling

But when I lie my head on his chest
And listen to his heart 
I know contentment

There are no easy days
Not brought by gods or booze
The only easy days are spent with him

Flesh meets flesh and joy becomes more than an echo
As his hands trail downwards I remember the Lovely Foam
I gasp sharply in pleasure and remember Her favor
Their favor

There are no easy days
Except when I’m with him
When I’m with him
I remember what easy days were

Little Failures [Poetry]

I know nothing
I know I know nothing because the gods are infinitely 

As soon as I think I know your searing brightness
I am plunged into ice water
Then taken up a mountain and swept
Along the dirt in my backyard

You are called
Ever Near 
And you are and that is not a comfort
Because the protection is paid for 
When all your failings become present
And the only excuse is not an excuse at all
Because sometimes you are lethargic
But sometimes there is laziness

You try to be honest with yourself
But you can never quite be honest enough

Get up, try again
Not tomorrow, today
A failing is not an end
Every second your chance is new