Agon for Aphrodite

I have decided that with my one year anniversary fast approaching for my boyfriend and I, I will be holding an Agon for Aphrodite, the anniversary date is October 19, winners will be announced by October 26th. You can submit any work of art, this includes essays, poetry, visual art, music, choreographed dance, or costume pieces.

The contest rules are as follows

1) All works must be ORIGINAL works of your own. Plagiarism is STRICTLY prohibited. You may not submit works of art, poetry, or essays created before the commencement of this contest (4:40 PM on September 9th, 2013. Traditional Date: Boedromion 3, 1st year of the 698th Olympiad)

2) By submitting a work you consent to it being posted on this blog

3) You are not required to be a devotee of Aphrodite to participate, however submissions from those people who are not polytheistic in action if not outlook may be rejected at my discretion if and only if A) They hold sentiments that are actively hostile to polytheism and/or B) They hold sentiments which vilify the Gods or worship thereof

4) Two winners will be chosen, one winner will be chosen by myself and the second will be chosen via divination

5) Prizes will be announced to the winners and the winners alone, however the value of said prizes will be between 20-25 dollars.

6) By making a submission you are agreeing upon your honor and word that in the event of winning you will honor Aphrodite with (at minimum) a libation in a timely and respectful manner


1) I will try to be impartial as possible, judging things not on my relationship to the person but rather on the quality of the work

2) I will not denigrate or refuse to post a work unless it represents a vilification or otherwise antagonistic viewpoint towards the Goddess

3) I will cite all works appropriately and link back to their blog if possible

4) I will not penalize those who present interpretations of Aphrodite which are different from my own


You can send your submissions to, they might get lost if they get sent to my main e-mail.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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